The story so far

Just to keep track of this year’s plantings so far:


Dedo de Mocha


Kaibi Round

Rocoto. Or Rotoco. Its leaves are fuzzy, like my memory.

Czech Black

All the above from Real Seeds with typically reliable germination, (except the Czech Black but the seed is from 2007 and a year on top of my wardrobe will do that to an organism).

An F1 Thai Dragon looks to have successfully overwintered and prognosis isn’t through yet for some Pretty in Purple and Trifetti plants. Therefore, sowed a few extra seeds of Trifetti, as they are home saved, from the HSL and it will be interesting to see if they come true.

Keeping the Trifetti company in the propagator now, some tomatoes (bush, Ballerina, home saved from the HSL) and echinacea Magnus. Also a couple more Rotoco/Rocoto, because they’re cute and furry.

Tonight, I’ve just put 16 Golden Sweet mangetout peas in to Rootrainers, having soaked them over the weekend they’ve already all put out roots. Waiting to sprout are dwarf beans Ferrari, Rocquencourt and some very old (2004 at least) Canadian Wonder. These are all a bit of an experiment but we have space for a pot or two of early beans in the greenhouse, and Ferrari did fairly well on this front last year.

Finally, some Oca pure white, saved from last year. I do buy stuff from people other than Real Seeds honest. We are trying out the claim that you can plant the tiny tubers and eat the tubbies by planting half and half to see whether there’s much difference in the harvest.


2 thoughts on “The story so far

  1. Valerie says:

    Hello,I´ve just come across your blog and wonder if you´d be interested in swapping seeds at any time?I grow lots of different chillis and beans and loads of various floers,climbers and veg here in Southern Spain.Let me know if you´d be interested.Regards, Val

  2. MissFuggles says:

    Thanks very much for coming by Valerie. I’ve done a fair bit of seed swapping in the past and love it but at the moment I’ve rather got my hands full with my HSL varieties and the marvellous range at Real Seeds…I must be strong, and good! Some of the gardening forums are really good for passing on surpluses and finding new varieties – I like the ones from The Kitchen Garden magazine and Grow Your Own’s Grapevine forum especially.

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