Weekend pottering 08 – 09 March 2008

Beetroot Red Ace F1 (T&M)
Dwarf beans Ferrari and Rocquencourt (both Seeds of Italy) in to root trainers with Golden Sweet mange tout peas (Real Seeds), soaked peas Victorian Purple Podded and Parsley Pea (both HSL)
Hungarian Blue Breadseed poppy (Chiltern Seeds)
Cosmos, cerinthe and calendula, which with nasturtiums, sweet peas, and poached egg plant are about all the flowers we will do this year. They’re all reasonable for insects and, along with lots of lavender, hope they will help with the HDRA (Garden Organic) bumble bee survey we hope to participate in this year

Potted up lots of chillis…
4 Czech Black
10 Dedo de Mocha
9 Kaibi Round
4 Jalapeno
2 Rocoto

Once soaked, the HSL peas went in to root trainers, in the unheated back bedroom. We’ve had Parsley Pea before but the chickens got to the seed pods before I did – it grows few if any tendrils and replaces them with copious amounts of leaves which you are supposed to nip off young and use as a vegetable/salad…pods as well, but I don’t recall the taste of those. We have come to the conclusion that mange tout/sugar snap peas are better for us at the moment for yield and ease of use and the Golden Sweet was lovely last year. The Victorian Purple Podded from HSL is supposed to be edible whole when young, so we shall see – the advantage being that purple pods are more visible among the leaves. Of course this year most of the pods will have to be left to mature for seed saving but I think we deserve a nibble or two…


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