Seeds growing, and not growing

Unfortunately the mixture of dwarf beans I soaked in the hope of pregerminating them came to nothing, so I sowed fresh Ferrari and Rocquencourt at the weekend in the greenhouse.

Four out of five seeds of my homesaved Trifetti chilli are up, in barely a week, which is very heartening.  Saving seed is something I’m still relatively new to – mostly peas, beans, tomatoes and salads so far as far as I can remember off hand – but fortunately the seeds are cooperative as they want to grow as much as I want them to.  I’ve just taken possession of Back Garden Seed Saving by Sue Stickland, and look forward to being a bit more organised this year, especially with my third attempt at squash seed saving from the Heritage Seed Library (No 1. Summer Sun didn’t produce more than one flower, No 2. Zappallito de Tronco fell foul of the 2007 summer – this year is Olive, which being a bigger fruit I hope might stand up to my amateurish care a little more).

Cosmos also germinating, around three days after sowing!


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