Another belated "diary" post

Weekend of 19-20 April

Sowed cucurbits for the propagator

6x Black Forest F1 climbing courgette (T+M)
4x Squash early yellow straightneck (Real Seeds)
3x Gherkins Parisian Pickling (Real Seeds)
2x Cucumber Flamingo F1 (Wallis Seeds)

Once these are out, Loofa and winter squash will go in.  Squash are something I’ve yet to succeed much with seed saving yet, although last year’s loofa seeds are germinating in test pots so that’s rather gratifying.  This year I’ll be trying Olive from the HSL.

Potted up as many tomatoes as have pots for – 9 toms and 3 peppers lined up for a brother’s greenhouse, and sister and a couple of friends are hopefully going to rehome some others.  OH divided another yacon and potted up two of the largest ones.
Peas seem to be doing OK, adding crushed baked eggshells as they become available.

Bad news is the discovery of vine weevil grubs in our precious rhubarb pots.  I suspected we had them last year, and now regret not taking some action at the time, as one plant is nearly dead and another starting to look sick.  I have ordered some nematodes from the Organic Gardening catalogue, along with some coir bricks, of which more later, but chemicals haven’t looked so attractive in years…


One of our Buff Sussex hens laid an egg today.  Nothing momentous except it was the first one this year, and our ladies are 7 years old.  We don’t expect much from them, and as long as they are fit and healthy, we’re happy for them to enjoy their retirement, clearing up the odd slug or eight, providing compost, and stealing broccoli leaves, blackcurrants, strawberries, tomatoes, peas…hmmm.  I actually admire those who are able to dispatch their laying hens humanely and make use of the meat, but these were our first birds, and have taught us – me especially – so much, that they well deserve their time in the sun now.


One thought on “Another belated "diary" post

  1. mark says:


    There’s no point is trying to save seed from cucurbits squashes, courgettes etc as you will end up with weird crosses of everything within pollinating distance. Saved seed may grow but won’t be true. Sad botancial fact of life!

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