2008 summary

Successes included but not limited to tomato My Girl, chillis, sweet pepper Dedo de Mocha, peas, dwarf French bean Black Valentine, yacon, oca, sweet peas.

Chilli Czech Black

Chilli Czech Black

Failures included but aren’t limited to cucumber (gherkin, Marketmore or Flamingo F1), a tomato and pepper, and this blog.  I know the last of those is my fault, and I suspect the same goes for the others. Red spider mite was definitely one factor in the cucumber shortage, overcrowding or too short a season may have done for the beefsteak tomato and the pepper.

So, what next for a more successful future for the garden and the blog? Well, a lot of the garden is put away for the winter, but we still have beans and peas in the freezer, garlic and onions overwintering, purple sprouting broccoli almost ready to pick, seed catalogues eagerly anticipated and this year’s seed safely packeted and ready to be catalogued. I need very few new varieties, just really need to be stricter with what and where we grow things, something we have been getting better with year by year.

For the blog…I think the same “must try harder” goes on my end of term notes there!  I have notes, and plenty to share which will be useful to me in future at the very least, so no more excuses Miss Fuggles…

Back very soon, I promise!


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