Choosing my Heritage Seed Library varieties

I look forward to this every year – the arrival of the HSL catalogue, from which I can choose six varieties and get a “surprise” packet in addition.  I feel a bit disappointed by this year’s as one or two vegetables I wanted seem poorly represented, but it might help make choosing a little easier. I’ve decided on a squash, a couple of dwarf French beans, a climbing French bean and probably a tomato, but am trying to choose varieties that are clearly different to those available elsewhere, as well as suiting my circumstances, and types of vegetable that are easy for me to save seed from – I haven’t really got the space for growing on onions, brassicas or roots to the following year, for example.

Possibles at the moment are Coco Bicolour, Mrs Fortunes, Lazy Housewife, Soldier, Early Warwick, Polish Purple Stringless, Hungarian Butter, Crystal Wax, Brighstone, and Magpie.  Tomatoes are a choice between Kenilworth, Scarlet Knight, Cavendish, and Market King. I just have to be careful that my choice isn’t too influenced by nice names, attractive stories or pretty bean seeds…

I’ll be checking other blogs for their opinion on the varieties, seed catalogues and old copies of the HSL list…decisions decisions…


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