Heritage Seed Library haul…

Some beans, said Baldrick...

Some beans, said Baldrick...

Finally plumped for DFB Hungarian Butter (toffee-chocolate coloured kidney shaped beans), Early Warwick, and Brighstone, CFB Polish Purple Stringless, Tomato Scarlet Knight, and squash Zappalito de Toscana.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet I now know I’m not the only person who on receiving legume seeds, has to open all the packets to see them first hand.  And then, maybe a couple of other times before planting, takes them out and plays with them a few times just to make sure they really are as pretty as you recall them being.  I’ve now added a picture of my new acquisitions and some of my old favourites – in the picture, from top left to right, then down the four rows – Kew Blue, Birds Egg, Poletschka, Polish Purple Stringless, Bridgwater Bean, Pea Bean, Cosse Violet, May Bean, Black Valentine, Early Warwick, Brighstone and Hungarian Butter.

With the squash came a note to the effect that they had found germination was poor and so they sent me an extra squash, which happened to be my second choice – Chicago Warted Hubbard. A completely different “intention” to the de Toscana one, which I chose because it is supposed to be good as a summer squash as well as winter, but still sounds lovely.  I failed once again with squash seed saving in 2008 – my third attempt – but I am putting that down partly to the weather and one day I will succeed!

Finally my lucky dip was Bridgwater bean, which sounds interesting, although where I am going to find room for another climbing bean is anyone’s guess. I shall continue to gaze covetously at my neighbours’ desert like lawns again this year…

If anyone out there happens to bump in to Spring, could you tell it to get a move on?


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