Cooking W/E Sunday 10 January 2010 – bramley lemon curd, chocolate peanut knubblies and peanut oatmeal cookies

Bramley apple and lemon curd, a River Cottage recipe found on the Guardian website – turned out pretty well, I liked the idea of it because it will make lemons and eggs (both relatively expensive) go further.  The grainy texture is a little disconcerting but the flavour is excellent, the apple taste is very clear and I just need to find a good use for it now (other than a spoon and a quiet corner).

Peanut butter and oatmeal cookies from the Amish Cookie recipe book. I made 1/3 the quantity and think I overestimated the quantity of salt, so when it was warm the flavour was quite unbalanced, but cool, they are rather fine – the salty taste sets off the peanut flavour very well. I used rolled porridge oats and had to estimate a bit as the measurements were in cups and difficult to scale down. I think they would be quite as nice without the chocolate.

Finally, peanut and pretzel chocolate knubblies from the Hope and Greenwood sweet book.  Another odd one with the salt and chocolate but surprisingly easy to get used to. I only made 1/7 of the recipe as that’s all the pretzels I had.  I think the coating could be interesting on cornflakes (like peanut rice crispy cakes) or possibly popcorn.

I think I ought to make more healthy food. We also had home made pizza and homemade pasta and mushroom bake for dinner, bread, Cashel blue and apples with sweet wine for lunch.


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