Mango chutney from Good Housekeeping Preserves Book

Made this today as I have always wanted to, and mangoes were cheap in Waitrose so I thought it was as good a time as any.  Possibly the most food miles of anything I’ve ever made (apart from probably vanilla essence, from Madagascar (pods) and maybe, Russia (vodka…although it’s probably made in Birmingham these days.  Or South America).  The mangoes turned out to be from Brazil and Peru…my fault I suppose for buying them on two different days although it’s not as though I expected them to be grown up the road in the first place.  Anyway, once bought, of which I am duly ashamed, they might as well be made in to something..still, the cider vinegar, apples, onions and salt were all UK, let’s pretend we didn’t notice the sugar and spices.

I don’t think it will turn out to have made anything like the amount the recipe specifies and it still smells terribly vinegary, but the recipes from this book usually turn out well (probably why it’s now out of print) so we shall see. Probably tomorrow, when I will buy poppadoms.  From Estonia, no doubt.


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