Peanut bones

Not a sinister medical condition, but an interpretation of the Peanut Butter Biscuits from the Biscuiteers book.

I’m not writing up the recipe as the book is widely and cheaply available and I feel bad about copying recipes in print. These were less successful than the chocolate and ginger biscuits I’ve tried from this book but I think that’s mainly my fault.  I took them out early in the given baking time because they were colouring too much on the edges, and therefore they’re still a little soft in the middle.  In an electric fan oven I probably need to go down about 10 degrees and keep the biccies in for the full baking time at least. The peanuts could in my opinion use just a smidgeon of salt to bring out the flavour although that may also be solved by cooking them properly!

As with their ginger and chocolate cousins I can’t fault this recipe for texture and holding the shape of the cutter.  My current favourite is the dog biscuit shape which I am determined to use in public one day to see if anyone can actually be fooled in to thinking I’m sharing a Bonio with my dog (and this is why I need to perfect the peanut version as chocolate is obviously not suitable and ginger doesn’t seem right either).


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