First harvest…new potatoes

This isn’t a strictly accurate title as we’ve also been munching tamed wild garlic, salads, herbs including parsley, thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, mint (in tea and soft drinks), sorrel, nettles, and a little asparagus.  But this furtle of Sharpe’s Express potatoes is our first substantial serving.

Sharpe's Express harvested 4 June 2011

Sharpe's Express harvested 4 June 2011

We did plant quite early, and my better half has been diligent about earthing up and regular but not excessive watering, but still I was convinced there would be nothing worth harvesting yet.  I am very happy to be wrong and we’re going to start working our way along the first row, which conveniently will make space for some courgettes to replace them.  Sharpe’s Express is one of our favourite varieties, and the only one we’re growing this year. We think the taste was not as distinct as we recall in previous years but the texture (boiled in a billy can on top of the barbecue with some Tashkent mint) was perfect.  These have actually grown quite large which might account for the milder flavour, you could easily use these as small baking potatoes.  As we start lifting whole plants we’ll probably get a few smaller ones and it will be interesting to see if the flavour is better on those, but if they are just the same as these we’ll be perfectly happy!


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