Triple ginger and spice cake

I felt a bit guilty making this as I have nominated the Caked Crusader’s sticky ginger cake as my favourite ginger cake so far, and have a habit (so I am told) of finding a perfectly good recipe/method and then ruining it all by experimenting with alternatives. Fortunately this recipe didn’t result in disaster and the only problem is that it’s so nice I will now have to make my original favourite again alongside it to find out which is the one true ginger cake. I’m not sure polybaky (the spellchecker doesn’t like that word but it’s quite clearly the baking equivalent of polygamy) is for me…

Triple ginger and spice cake, badly photographed

See how it shines...triple ginger and spice cake, badly photographed. You can see how sticky it is from the plate.

I won’t reproduce the whole recipe as it’s freely available on the Good Food website.  My variations were using about 50g golden syrup in place of the same amount of treacle as I wanted to finish up a tin, using mixed spice rather than allspice as I don’t like going shopping, and a whole heap more ginger than the recipe specifies – 4 tsp rather than 2, and I think it could take more.

If you are intelligent you won’t get annoyed that there are still lumps in your mixture after beating it thoroughly, give up in a huff, taste one of the lumps to see just how bad it is, and then realise the lumps are the bits of crystallised ginger. That would be really very silly indeed…

It makes a lovely instantly sticky rich cake and I will definitely be putting it in the make again file.

Original recipe at


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