A few gratuitous flaarrze

We’ve probably got more flowers in our garden than ever before…sadly, many of them are inedible for us but some of the other garden residents seem happy enough with them.  Sage is one of the more abundant flowers from the edible types, and in the past, we have made a rather interesting wine from them.  Unfortunately the purple one pictured below is in our front garden and we’re reluctant to eat things from there, so the bees get this one too.  The scent of buddleia reminds me of brown bread and honey (the brown bread is important, not honey on its own), and the dark purple petunias also smell lovely, but the other colours have no scent.  A lot of the bumblebees have now moved on to the lavender, of which we have a fair bit, but all these seem to have been appreciated so haven’t been a complete waste of space!

(I’m struggling with GIMP and working out the best way to resize and present photos, and as I had several for this post I’ve tried out the WordPress gallery feature.)


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