Chilli progress

Hotscotch chilli plants mix

Hotscotch mix - the plants on the left have smoother, longer, thinner leaves than those on the right. Could one be Scotch Bonnet and the other Habanero?

The only chillis I sowed this year were a mixed pack of Mr Fothergill’s “Hotscotch” mix – Scotch Bonnet and Habanero in, supposedly, different colours. The germination was good but the plants have grown sporadically, leaves turning strange colours and deforming (other plants in the same compost showed no similar problems). I’ve never grown these types before and maybe they are just prone to attention-seeking behaviour.

We taught them a lesson by buying in the odd extra plant as we saw them.  I’m a bit uncertain of how much variety we’ve wound up with there too, as I now have “Cayenne” but the fruits are not looking very cayenne like; “Cheyenne” which I have grown before and wasn’t impressed by (but these were 50p “death row” plants so I thought I’d give them a chance); Apache, which is was sold my original Cheyenne as a couple of years ago, and Hot Banana, which came from a flower stall in the market and is labelled “sweet pepper”.  As expected the first couple of these although picked too young are displaying a touch of heat.

Hot banana chillis on the plant

Hot banana - although labelled at the market as a sweet pepper I'm pleased to find these are showing signs of heat, as hoped for. The plants are very healthy but incredibly slow to grow.

Cayenne chilli plant

Plants bought as cayenne chillis, but with more wiggly and blunter fruit than I expected

Cheyenne chilli on the plant

Cheyenne chilli - we have since harvested this fruit and they are already very hot which is most gratifying!


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