Would it grow…Waitrose 10 bean mix

One of my earliest successful crops was chillis from supermarket chillis grown on the windowsill of a ground floor flat (we also did custard apple, lychee and mimosa sensitive plants, plus slightly less ambitious/more realistic tomatoes and potatoes on the patio).  I maintain a soft spot for free and unknown seed sources like this but I am going to restrain myself from even trying to germinate these this year.

Waitrose 10 bean mix

Waitrose 10 bean mix...I *may* have bagged these and put them in the seed box but I am not at liberty to confirm this information...From the back of the packet and a process of elimination, I've worked out the IDs, I think: top to bottom, left to right, mung beans, black eyed beans, butter beans, black turtle beans, lima beans, red kidney beans, haricot beans, pinto beans, alubia beans, rose coco beans. No, I'd never heard of alubia beans either. Also I think I'm pushing the boundaries of the word "caption" now.


4 thoughts on “Would it grow…Waitrose 10 bean mix

  1. Bugs says:

    I am tempted – my sister has a framed picture of various seeds in cases in her kitchen. I have long wished to know if any of them are anything useful or just pretty (or the next notifiable weed!). However the picture is probably the best part of 20 years old now so it’s probably a bit late…I do think some beans would be an inspiring thing to look at through the winter months though. When a Blue Peter moment strikes, perhaps!

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