Courgette verdict – Soleil and Spineless Beauty

Spineless Beauty and Soleil courgettes

Spineless Beauty and Soleil courgettes

We don’t have the best conditions for courgettes – in spite of years of improvement our thin layer of chalky soil above solid white chalk, while great for drainage, is unreliable for the juicier kinds of plants that need lots of everything.

However we still manage usually to produce a useful quantity and this year after a poor start is going along OK.  The two varieties we grew this year weren’t exactly selected so much as being the last two on the online shelves of Alan Romans.  My better half prefers the flavour of Soleil, the yellow one, while I don’t see much in it, and much prefer the meaty dry flesh which has been a pleasant surprise in Spineless Beauty. Even the largest fruits have very small seeds, while Soleil is quite watery and seedy even when small.  These are hardly definitive tests, and anyway given the choice in the future I will probably go back to sourcing goodies from Real Seeds (this year we didn’t intend to grow much, hence didn’t place any proper seed orders). However it’s handy to make a couple of notes just in case.

Tonight we ate some of both types stirfried with (bought) yellow peppers and homegrown onions, and served with homemade flatbreads in lieu of Chinese pancakes, to accompany (homegrown) cucumber and chives with a homemade plum sauce (last season’s plum jam, a little yellow bean sauce from a can, soy sauce, with this year’s garlic, vinegar and rice wine).  It was perfectly spiffing – if only we could master the spring onions instead of chives!


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