If you go down to the woods today..

..it won’t come as a big surprise to find mushrooms awaiting you. Of course mushrooms, or fungi I suppose, are with us all year around but the late summer-autumn does bring out a few more edibles. I’ve been on a few courses and read a few books, and if push came to shove I think I could manage to strike a balance between poisoning myself and dying of starvation, but since that’s not the case I sleep better for just looking and not nibbling (this can be applied to other aspects of life too I suppose).

My better half is much happier with eating what he finds and I don’t mind as long as I am also happy with his ID.  This weekend only generated a couple of chanterelles, but we enjoy the mooch with the pooch and camera in hand and it’s usually educational – as in this trip where we found an impostor in the chanterelle patch.


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