Not quite a peck of pickled pears

Recent preserving includes pickled pears, following inspiration from Mark’s Veg Plot.  I sort of made up a recipe, using a different technique to Mark’s as I am terribly paranoid about preserving and preferred the idea of cooking the pears in the vinegar and sugar solution rather than water.  They look very promising – the “syrup” tastes delicious even now, and as there was too much of it we’ve jarred some alone to try as a base for a chilli sauce.  I had to buy the pears but they were quite cheap and I had enough left for a pear and chocolate sponge.  It would have been rude not to.

Pickled pears

Pickled pears

Before that a batch of damson chutney, the recipe for which I have only hazy memories of…I think I’ve made it without dried fruit, and my better half having delved in to a jar says it’s a bit dry, but it is too early to be sure.

And most recently I thought that bread and butter pickle from The Quince Tree sounded marvellous. I have no idea why I haven’t come across this before, and as we had a couple of cucumbers to dispose of I thought I would make an experimental jar with a home grown onion and see what happens. I used brown sugar and again, slightly fiddled with the recipe having consulted my Good Housekeeping book of preserves, but it seems like it’s a flexible kind of recipe that probably won’t kill me.  If it all goes quiet round here you’ll know I was wrong.

Bread and butter pickle, a terrible photo

Bread and butter pickle, a terrible photo


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