Muscovado apple cake

Muscovado apple cake

Muscovado apple cake - limpets just for decoration

This is based on another recipe but since I’ve changed several things to suit my preferences I thought it would be useful to put my own version down in pixels.

4oz butter

6oz light muscovado sugar

Generous pinch of salt

1 medium or large egg

5oz s/r flour

3 reasonable sized eating apples – cooking apples can be used but with Bramleys for example you will only need 2 – cut in to big dice and remove the core (or the other way around) but don’t peel

A spoonful of preferably granulated or caster sugar but you can use more muscovado

A tiny smidgeon of salt

Line a 9 inch square pan with baking parchment or however else you like to line it.

Cream the butter and sugar, mix in the egg and salt and then the flour.  Stir in all but a big handful of the apple pieces. Spread the mix in to the tin – it will be very stiff but should squash down with a spoon and all the fruit lumps will moisten it during cooking.

Top the cake with the remaining apple pieces and then sprinkle over the spoonful of sugar and finally the tiny tiny bit of extra salt (obviously you could live without this, and probably for longer than with it, but I find it’s a nice contrast and as the vast majority of our food is homemade I refuse to get upset about a little extra seasoning).

Cooking time will vary according to your oven but you’re looking at an base of 45 mins at 190c in an electric fan oven; because of all the sugar it goes quite dark on the outside but it’s difficult to dry it out so it’s not as crucial as with a Victoria sponge for example.

Either allow to cool a little in the tin and eat with ice cream or custard for dessert, or cool for about 15 mins then lift out with lining paper intact, cool completely on a rack, and take to the beach for breakfast the next day (the beach is optional but the breakfast bit is highly recommended).


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