Seeds to share 2012

I understand that normal people have too many shoes, CDs, cars or ceramic frogs. I have too many seeds (and books, but I’m not facing that demon yet). I shall never have enough room for all the legumes and solanumesque things I have accumulated; many of them, I hasten to add, through some reasonably diligent seed saving.

So, internet, I offer you the following things.  Please comment here to get in touch (I think that should give me your email address to get back to you on) or @ or DM me on twitter (@esculentetc) if you would like some.  A few notes:

1) Postage – I don’t want any. Please put the value of the postage in a charity box, for preference, I favour the RNLI, Guide Dogs, and charities that help the aged or disabled; I’m picky about environmental and animal charities but let’s not start on that.  But feel free to choose whichever is closest to your heart/home.

2) Quantities – I will send as much as I reasonably can, being fair and trying to avoid waste. Probably about 15 legume seeds and 5-10 peppers or tomatoes; enough for you to grow on, taste and if you like, save the seed for next year.

3) Quality – Seeds are home saved, many from heirloom/heritage varities (I’ve tried to mark where they are shop-bought seeds).  I take care with isolation but I’m just a home gardener and there is room for error (I haven’t had any yet, but just telling you). Also some of these seeds are now 2-4 years old and may not be as viable as I’d like, sorry in advance if it happens to you (I have no reason to believe it will but that’s the fun of growing seeds).

4) Who I’ll send them to – within reason anyone, but if hoardes of people happen to descend on me then I will prefer people I know/know of, and people with active gardening related blogs/other online presence (simply so I know the seeds are going to a good home). To save postage I’d rather not be sending tiny quantities out to lots of people, but if there’s just one variety you yearn to have then do ask and I’ll probably say yes.

5) Where I’ll send them – to my knowledge it’s OK to send to the EU; I don’t know about anywhere else, so I am not going to risk it. UK and other EU countries only then. And Cornwall 😉

6) When I’ll send them – I’ll leave it for a week or so to see how many requests I get and for what (some varieties I might only be able to do one or two batches of to leave some spare for me).  I’ll only ask for your contact details once I can tell you what I’ll be able to send you.

If you’d like to know more about any variety please ask and I may be able to help or check this page where there may be some details/photos –

Legumes Dwarf French Bean Brightstone
Legumes Dwarf French Bean Hungarian Butter
Legumes Dwarf French Bean Early Warwick
Legumes Dwarf French Bean May Bean
Legumes Dwarf French Bean Black Valentine
Legumes Climbing French Bean Pea Bean
Legumes Climbing French Bean Kew Blue (loads and loads)
Legumes Climbing French Bean Cosse Violette
Legumes Climbing French Bean Poletschka
Legumes Climbing French Bean Birds Egg
Legumes Climbing French Bean Borlotti
Legumes Climbing French Bean Bridgwater
Legumes Climbing French Bean Polish Purple Stringless
Legumes Pea Victorian Purple Podded
Legumes Pea Alderman
Legumes Pea Hugh’s Huge
Legumes Pea Clarke’s Beltony Blue
Legumes Pea Parsley
Legumes Pea Kent Blue
Pepper Sweet California Wonder bought
Pepper Sweet Sheepnose
Pepper Sweet Dedo de Mocha
Pepper Sweet Kaibi Round
Pepper Chilli Trifetti
Pepper Chilli Pasilla Bajoo
Pepper Chilli Czech Black
Pepper Chilli Locoto
Tomato Cooking Italian Heirloom
Tomato Cherry Broad Ripple Yellow Currant
Tomato Eating Jubilee
Tomato Eating Black Master
Tomato Cooking Purple Ukraine
Tomato Eating Scarlet Knight
Tomato Cooking Ballerina
Tomato Eating/cooking Brooks Special
Tomato Eating Tigerella bought
Tomato Eating Peremoga
Tomato Cooking Koenig Humbert
Tomato Cooking Veeroma
Tomato Cooking My Girl
Tomato Cherry Sub Arctic Plenty
Tomato Eating Salt Spring Sunrise
Tomato Cooking Lima Korai
Tomato Eating Best of All
Tomato ? Lightfruit bought
Tomato Cherry Green Tiger Saved from bought fruit
Tomato Cherry Black Cherry Saved from commercial seed
Tomato Eating Sugar Plum
Tomato Eating Longkeeping

4 thoughts on “Seeds to share 2012

  1. Mark says:

    Wow, what a fantastic list and kind offer. If there are any here that you think would suit my container growing experiments (looking for high yielding, tasty and good to look at – ideally all three but must have least two of these qualties), then I’d be really keen to take you up.

  2. Bugs from Esculent Etc says:

    Hello Hortus Brambonii, thanks for your visit. Sadly, no, I don’t have anything new this year as 2012 was a bit of a washout season for me in more ways than one. We had the same terrible weather as everyone else, of course, but as it was also our first proper year in a new garden and without the 1 – and – a – broken – one – greenhouses in our last garden, I managed to save almost no new seeds at all. The main exception was a sweet pepper, Sweet Banana (which is an excellent pepper by the way; not as productive as Dedo de Mocha in previous years but some of that could be down to the conditions; heavier fleshed though so useful in a different way).

    Crossing my fingers for a better year this year for everyone!

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