This is what you get for listening to strange gardeners on the internet

Can you see what it is yet?

Can you see what it is yet?

It’s fashionable to arrive late, you know, so I think I’m one of the most fashionable people to join Veg Plotting’s 52 Week Salad Challenge.  I also decided to start it on the day we had our first frost of the winter – clever, eh, I bet nobody else thought of that. I always knew I’d be special one day.

I realised that actually, I am not sure I’ve ever grown mustard before (in a mustard and cress kind of way, at least). I’ve sown on compost, because I intend to reuse the compost a few times and then mix it in with beds or containers later in the year, but I’m not sure if this (top right of the picture) is too thick, too thin, too uneven or just right. Any thoughts?

The other two trays contain a salad mix from T&M which I think I got free, and some snow peas, from an old T&M sprouting kit I had (but have mislaid the sprouting bit in our move). The snow peas I am growing Alys Fowler style*, fairly closely sown and just covered with compost.

They are all in our unheated (ie very variable temperature) conservatory and when the weather is congenial I will ferry them in and out to the patio table, thanks to The Book People whose packaging seems to be designed with this in mind.

Next up I have been given permission to take up some space in the (tiny, packed) house experimenting with Waitrose beans to see if they germinate. I will euthanase them if they do as obviously it would be silly to do anything else. At the same time I am plotting to secrete a few aduki beans somewhere at the same time to see if I can get over my problem with sprouting seeds (frequently putting them in a wardrobe and forgetting about them until they start scratching at the door).  With this in mind my homework this week is to read and absorb Veg Plotting’s guide to sprouting seeds and see if I can find my copy of The Sprouters Handbook, trying to take the bits about substituting children’s sweets with sprouted seeds in the spirit of optimism that the author no doubt intended.

*Just the growing method – I couldn’t do the pretty vintage dress bit, especially in January, and am hoping it’s not integral to the success of this method. For the record, I went for mud-splattered jeans and pink Crocs – my nod to vintage is a 15-year-old New Look jumper that’s mostly unravelled down the front and sleeves.  I have a style that’s all my own you know…fortunately.


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