Would beans from the supermarket grow?

Some beans

Some beans (this caption (c) Messrs Curtis and Elton, some time in the late 80s)

If you don’t want to read the rest of this – I’m soaking some beans from Waitrose, and will try to sprout them to see if they have life in them. Obviously it’s much too early to grow them in to plants, it’s just a way of passing January.

If you do have time on your hands, here is the background:

Back in August last year, I couldn’t resist buying a packet of pretty mixed beans from Waitrose.

A house move and subsequent disorganisation of cupboards meant the original beans have yet to be eaten.  I’ve just seen a recipe for it in the Waitrose free paper – 10 bean chilli – which should sort out the remaining edible ones.

However, ahem, some of them found their way in to the seed box. No idea who did that.

Now, I don’t have room to grow them when I have some perfectly good varieties to grow already but I am interested in seeing if they will grow, so these little beauties, and pinto beans from Suma (probably about 2 years old), have now been soaked and drained and are sitting in our medium-warm house (16 to 20 c) to see whether there is life in there.

It’s not an especially scientific experiment, but if they germinate then that’s nice, and if they don’t, well it might just be me, or it might be that they are too old or processed to live.  This experiment is partly the fault of Emma Cooper’s Bean Watch 2008 which always stuck in my mind as a cunning way to deal with itchy seed trays without the inevitable crushing disappointment of leggy, greenfly-encrusted seedlings while you wistfully observe the March blizzards.


3 thoughts on “Would beans from the supermarket grow?

  1. Bugs says:

    Thanks very much for the inspiration; it’s nice to have the opportunity to grow something without the pressure of having to nurse it through a whole lifetime. And they won’t really be wasted, as they will all be composted of course, and it’s less than a serving, in total.

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