Nettle, wild garlic and sorrel quiche

Nettle, wild garlic and sorrel quiche

Nettle, wild garlic and sorrel quiche

Make shortcrust pastry with 300g flour, 150g butter, pinch of baking powder. Add salt to taste and iced water to bind. Chill (the pastry, not you).

Roll pastry out to line 9 inch tin and bake blind 20 mins at 180c. There will be enough pastry to make a shallow apple tart in a 8 inch tin, but because you’re in a hurry, you will make a mess of it and therefore we won’t talk about it (it still got eaten with joy and abandon).

Brush what is now a pastry case with egg white and put back in oven 5 mins.

Whisk 2 more eggs plus yolk and any remaining white of the one used above, with 200ml full fat milk, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Grate some cheddar on the base (not loads), spread out cereal bowl worth approx of torn-up greenery (wild garlic leaves and flower buds, sorrel leaves, nettles).

Grate a bit more cheese over the greenery, pour over the milk & egg mix.

190c for about 15-20 mins until it looks nice – for me, this is just set, with a bit of colour on top.

Leave to cool and eat warm rather than hot. Leftovers chilled make a rather welcome lunch next day.

Notes; these nettles were a bit tough – you can see them sticking out in the picture. Next time we’ll pick them even smaller, chop them more finely, or briefly wilt them in butter before adding to the quiche.


7 thoughts on “Nettle, wild garlic and sorrel quiche

  1. VP says:

    Ooh I do like the look of this. Must give it a try – if it ever stops raining, unless you do postal delivery? *hopeful face*

    I’m putting a link to this on this month’s Salad Days – hope you don’t mind – whilst it’s not a salad, it’s a good salad companion and a good way of using up an excess of salad foraging πŸ™‚

  2. Bugs from Esculent Etc says:

    Thanks – I’m very happy to be included! Lots of quiche recipes have cream in and while I am not exactly a guru of healthy eating I find it (a) a bit unnecessary especially with all that pastry and (b) inconvenient – I usually have milk in the house but not cream, and I can often get organic milk at my corner shop but not organic cream.
    It would be an interesting experiment to see what the Royal Mail makes of delivering a 9 inch quiche…

  3. marigold says:

    Ooh that does look good! Using weeds instead of my usual spinach and leek sounds like a good variation πŸ™‚ I always make crustless quiche myself, ‘cos gluten-free pastry is too much hassle, but it still makes good portable food when cold.

    • Bugs from Esculent Etc says:

      What’s gluten free bread dough like? I’ve done, only once or twice but for no good reason, quiche in a fine bread base. I got the idea from the Popina cookbook and it works much better than I thought – you roll the bread dough out with a rolling pin so it’s quite fine and it makes a pretty good base with a reasonable amount of crispness. I must give it another go soon. Spinach and leek sounds lovely – I have rarely cooked with spinach, bizarrely enough!

      • mellowfruitfulness says:

        I’ve never tried making my own gluten free bread. I imagine it would be “tricky” and would probably end up too soggy to be at all pleasant as a quiche crust. Gluten-free bread is always soft and squidgy. Crustless quiche (or baked tortilla, or whatever you like to call it) is fine. As long as you butter the dish thickly!

  4. Claire Benson says:

    This looks really delicious – well anything with wild garlic is, we’re addicts in our house! This looks like a dish that incorporates it with style. I’ve never actually used nettle in food yet, but this time of year through the hungry gap it really makes sense. I bet it didn’t last long in your house πŸ™‚

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