Bean stroking, perfectly natural and healthy

Remember the film Amelie, where our adorable, kindly and chic but slightly odd heroine sneaks a feel of the sacks of lentils at the grocers? Well, that struck a chord with me, and I have to confess it wasn’t because I too am adorable, kindly and chic…I realise that will come as a disappointment and is probably hard to believe but there it is. No, my link with the be-bobbed beauty begins and ends with our leguminous leanings. And I know I am not alone, whatever some people might say.  Look – even the dog can’t resist a quick nosing:

Once again, I present to you (apologies, Elton and Curtis): Some Beans

Once again, I present to you (apologies, Elton and Curtis): Some Beans

I do like growing and eating beans, by the way – not just stroking them.  I like the fact they are fast and fairly easy; very pretty plants and flowers, quick to harvest, and good for storing (frozen as green beans or dried for soups). Although there are none in the picture above I also like runner beans, fresh and podded or dried too. As with much of our growing this year it’s all a bit of an experiment – many of the above will go in to large containers, some of them in a temporary veg patch in a woodland clearing just to see how they do.

In case you are also a proto-member of FLOBS (the Fellowship for Lovers of Bean Stroking) the picture above contains Soldier Bean (they’re sleeping on the job so you can’t see the soldiers), Black Valentine, Little Marvel (the sharper eyed among you will spot this is a pea, and a bit too wrinkly for stroking to be honest but I don’t want to hurt its feelings), Tendergreen, soya bean “Envy”, Poletschka, Kew Blue, Hungarian Butter, True Red Cranberry and Pea Bean. Soldier Bean and True Red Cranberry will get some cossetting and the rest I haven’t decided on yet.  Much may depend on the sparrows, bless their feathery little souls and hope they don’t fall over a cliff or anything nasty like that…


2 thoughts on “Bean stroking, perfectly natural and healthy

  1. Donna says:

    I am an only child and when I was small I would amuse myself by feeling about in the bean and lentil jars, pouring them out into piles and putting them all back in again. I’ve only just started growing food but your post has reminded me that I need to have a good old rummage in my bean seeds!!

  2. Bugs from Esculent Etc says:

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Donna – I knew there are more of us out there, not to mention those who have never discovered the tactile joy a good legume can provide. I’ve just been over and am now following your blog, look forward to hearing more. Your kitchen table is embarrassingly familiar (except that you’re obviously a better housekeeper than I am!).

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