Easily distracted by pretty colours…

…I need to remind myself of this next year when sowing capsicums. I can eat all the sweet peppers I can grow but there is a limit to how many hot peppers I can reasonably (comfortably and healthily) digest.  This is about half of what I grew – unweighed, but you can see this exceeds the aforeheretoabovementioned guidelines…

Chillis, clockwiser from top right, Apricot, Lemon Drop (ripe and unripe green), Czechoslovakian Black

Chillis, clockwise from top right, Apricot, Lemon Drop (ripe and unripe green), Czechoslovakian Black. The photo looked better when I was editing it.

Lemon Drop is from Real Seeds and just as productive as you would expect it to be from them. I like this for its flavour which you can sometimes pick out in chillis and stir fries. Due to the weather I was unable to isolate effectively this year but I understand this is a good one for overwintering so have cut back some plants which I will try to keep going for next year.

Apricot is a new one on me, I was quite excited to try this “heatless habanero” (seed from Pennard Plants, but the variety is bred by Sea Spring Seeds – I wasn’t as happy with this one as I hoped to be, but not to say anything against the variety itself. The flavour just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea and it is very strong. However, I may well learn to like it, it is undoubtedly distinctive and the chillis are pretty, although not very productive this year. Again I’ve got a couple of plants to overwinter and I think habeneros like it warmer and brighter than I’ve been able to provide this year so I think it’s worth trying for an early start. This was the one plant I did manage to isolate…only to find that all the fruits were seedless!

The Czechoslovakian Black are my home saved seeds; the seed seems to be losing its viability and I wanted to renew it but have only managed to isolate one fruit, which is still ripening – not good enough for diversity, I think, so I will try to keep some plants going again, and try again next year with my old seed and that from the one fruit from this year.  I don’t think this variety looks so good for overwintering – much sparer looking plants with no sign of sideshoots at the moment, but it’s worth a try until I run out of space or patience. I like the fairly fleshy fruits which have a useful rather than killer heat, and while you’re waiting for them the plants are very attractive. (NB in case you’re unfamiliar with this variety, the fruits start off purple-black and ripen to this lovely brick/tile red, which is also when they start to heat up).


2 thoughts on “Easily distracted by pretty colours…

  1. Bugs from Esculent Etc says:

    That’s very kind – thank you! I will come back to you in the new year, if that’s OK (partly to avoid depleting your stock, partly to see whether I need/have room for them next year 😦 – but in return, please do take a look at my list and let me know if you would like anything that’s left!).

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