A greenish theme

Some green things around the house this weekend:

Pistachio & almond baklava

Pistachio & almond baklava

I made some baklava. The pistachios are the green element, although I added about 1/4 weight of almonds as well. Used Rachel Allen’s recipe but with some tweaks; cardamom instead of cinnamon in the mix, and just a small amount of cardamom & cinnamon in the syrup, no flower waters as I didn’t have them. Pretty nice, possibly slightly overcooked as it’s the first time I ever made it. Flavour definitely improved on the second day.

Merino & silk tops

Merino & silk tops

Stripey silk and merino tops to spin. But they don’t come out all that stripey the way I am spinning them:

Merino & silk on the bobbin

Merino & silk on the bobbin

Quite a nice mixed up shade of green. However in the long run I would rather like to dye my own wool. And I’m not sure about silk. Or merino.

Shallot seedlings

Shallot seedlings

Lest anyone who might read this wonder where the Esculent bit has gone, it’s still here, albeit sprouting slowly this year. It’s a bit dark today and none of my plant photos came out very well but we have shallot seedlings here; elsewhere there are signs of aubergine, tomato and capsicum seedlings, sweet potato, Chinese artichokes, yacon, onions, potatoes, shallot sets, cuttings, and probably more on the way.


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