Clovelly Court kitchen gardens

A fine crop of onions

A fine crop of onions

I don’t tend to gamble but when I do play the “imagine you suddenly came in to unimaginable wealth” game my dreams don’t feature Bentleys, curiously ugly fashionable clothes or spending every other week in the Caribbean. Mine are fairly simple – a walled kitchen garden, ample glasshouses (possibly with a cooperative minion or two to help with the watering) and a swimming pond.

No swimming ponds at Clovelly Court as far as I know (unless you count the bay it overlooks) but it does have the most covetable kitchen garden with lichen-covered walls to spare. I went to the Woolsery Show there last week and having my Garden Organic membership card with me, decided to pop in to see what was behind those walls. It was a beautiful day, the gardeners who were harvesting potatoes, beans and courgettes for sale were friendly and enthusiastic, and I would recommend a visit to anyone who likes to see edible plants grown well.

I was in a bit of a rush as I had to be on time for a lift home, but I’m determined to go back for a more leisurely look and to treat myself to some more of the produce you can buy from the little shed at the entrance. Since I couldn’t spare the time I’d have liked, I took photos of everything, and they’re so enticing I thought I’d share them here:

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Of course, on the day the Show itself was well worth visiting, with my favourite “vegetables on a plate” competitions, and some very fine livestock. I’ve got lots more photos of them, but this is neither the time nor the place so here are just three.

Clovelly Court Gardens are open all year and I’m looking forward to visiting at other times to see the changing crops. Some gardening organisations like Garden Organic and the RHS have arrangements for their members to visit free of charge at certain times/days, but if that doesn’t apply to you , there’s a small, and I’d say very reasonable charge to enter. See for details.

Clovelly Court Gardens entrance, and flowers for sale

Clovelly Court Gardens entrance, and flowers for sale


4 thoughts on “Clovelly Court kitchen gardens

    • Esculent Etc says:

      Their website says “grown to organic principles” and the “partnership” (for visitors at least) with Garden Organic, along with the impressive compost heap and lichen colonies, is promising, so I think that they must be. I will ask next time I visit. They are growing at least one F1 variety of tomato (I asked about the varieties as they were so healthy looking but I forget the name), but given the challenging climate of North Devon I think I can forgive them that! If you ever visit North Devon on holiday it’s well worth a visit, I would say.

  1. emmaline says:

    I am lucky enough to live here and yes all the veg is organic. It tastes as good as it looks.

    • Esculent Etc says:

      Hello Emmaline – thank you for visiting! And for confirming the organicness (I must stop making up words, it’s completely fredocilent of me) of the gardens. I completely agree about the taste, and it’s such a good thing to be able to buy some of the produce, really inspiring.

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