Title and tagline, then. Que? Eh? You wot?

In which our heroine eventually publishes her first post in the WordPress blogging fundamentals programme, and takes them up on their offer of publishing another post since she’s perfectly happy with her title and tagline so couldn’t really follow the instructions to update them, and in which our audience, if one there be, courteously ignore the fact this is either going to be published on Day One as well or very likely Day 15.

Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

I’ve probably covered this before, but I’m a jolly dangerous, edgy kind of character as you can probably gather already, so, well, so nah.  My blog was originally called A Blog Called Fuggles, I liked the word Fuggles and still do, and we had a lot of hops growing well in our garden, and all seemed splendidly serendipitous.

I can’t really recall why I wanted to change the name, maybe for a new start, but I do remember coming across the word esculent in a book which I’m pretty sure was Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book, though it might have been her Fruit Book. One of those thick paperback full of anecdotes from someone with a much more adventurous and interesting life than yours (well, maybe not yours, you may have just stopped for a breather while the lion whose mane you were perming answers the door to the delivery woman bringing your new tank that you’ll be using to travel to your annual winter camp in Qaasuitsup, towing it behind your coracle for the seaborne part of the journey. My life isn’t as interesting as that, though, so Jane Grigson’s adventures hunting the new season’s radishes down the marché are quite an intellectual journey for me).

So I’d heard the word esculent before certainly but never really taken it aboard and certainly had no cause to use it in day to day life. And it’s a lovely chewy sounding word that seems to represent what it means, which is “stuff you can eat”.  Then, it goes with et cetera in a wotsname, alliterative? way, which next to puns and ellipsises, ellipses? three dots…is one of my favourite grammatical bad habits, so it seemed meant to be.

Thus, Esculent et cetera – mostly about things you can eat, but some other stuff too.  The tagline hopefully speaks for itself and unusually for me actually fits within the word count suggested.

I slightly regret not being able to use edacious and esurience which I’ve just come across while looking up esculent on the marvellous World Wide Words again, but I will save those for the title of the third volume of my autobiography which as you can probably tell by now is going to be gripping stuff…




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