Who I am and why I’m here…

Doing the WordPress blogging fundamentals series to try to kick start myself back in to blogging.

Day One: Write an Introductory Post

(If you’ve already been blogging for a while, we still encourage you to do a version of this assignment: use it to revisit what you said when you first started blogging, to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and what more you’d like to do, or to lay out some goals for your next six months.)


I started a blog back in 2008. Golly. However some people who started a blog at 2008 last night have probably posted more often than I have. The first post seems to be “The story so far” about what we’d planted that year, including a number of home saved seeds. I suppose this is the reason I like the theory of blogging – making notes about thoughts and experiences at the time which you can then revisit when you’ve forgotten them.  Reading that post I think ooh, rocoto (or indeed rotoco), I must grow those again next year. And I do miss Dedo de Mocha, can I justify a Real Seeds order again next year. And the Hungarian Black I’m growing this year are incredibly mild (though very pretty and pleasant), I wonder what relation if any they are to their Czech cousins.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly instead of keeping a diary?

I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from other people’s posts on blogs and forums and it’s nice to return that favour, as you never know what bits of your experience will be useful to someone else in a similar situation. Whether you’re making notes about a technique, a variety of vegetable, a piece of fabric or yarn, or a recipe, I have found this quite useful in the past, especially when I used to actively contribute to forums. So that’s the advantage of being public. These days however it seems a lot of forums are moribund, partly because they’ve been replaced by Facebook – which I don’t like, because putting my real name to posts doesn’t seem very secure to me. Also with forums and Facebook your content isn’t really your own – apart from the fact people can and do nick your words and photos, a blog is under your control. WordPress is probably not going anywhere soon, and whether the blog thrives or not, is up to me, not reliant on other contributors, unless I feel very strongly that I need a lot of comments.  I do love comments, especially if someone has some advice to offer or has found something I’ve posted useful, but I won’t die of loneliness without them.

  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?

Growing edibles is our main focus…vegetables, fruit, ‘erbs, weird things, old things, seed saving. We’re also trying to keep bees (currently we’re bee-havers rather than bee-keepers I’d say, but we’re learning); we hope to resume chicken keeping again, and goats are on the horizon. Not literally though, or we would want better fencing than we have. We’re also keen on cooking, baking, brewing and preserving although at the moment there will be very little of that as we’re battling with a horrific house and very little by the way of Kitchen Faciliities and very much by way of Dust. So much Dust I may have to consider an injunction against Philip Pullman in case he tries to move in to the back bedroom to write a sequel here. (A literary joke! Proper cultured, me.).

All that probably falls under self-sufficiency but I’m under no illusions about that so it’s not really a term I employ, and I am quite happy to buy stuff that’s done better or more efficiently than I can make it.

I also do some craft type things…spinning, sewing, knitting, and occasional dabbles in other crafts. I started a craft blog but wasn’t happy with it (and it was on Blogger, which was not a pleasant experience) so I have deleted that and if you read this blog you’ll have to put up with the odd craft bit – hence “Etc” really….

We also appreciate our local wildlife and wild plants so there ought to be the odd bit about that. I’m not an expert on any of these things (or indeed on anything) but as I said earlier sometimes you manage to find out about, or wonder about, just the same thing that someone else does, and that can be useful to them or to your future self. Hello, future self!

  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?

The same kind of people I have done in the past I suppose. People who are interested in the things above, and who either know more about them than I do  and can help me learn, or who know less and who I might be able to help; or who are doing the same things and who I can swap tips or even tangibles with (keep your tentacles off my tangibles unless you’re invited though). Gardeners, doers-of-crafts, wildlife enthusiasts who aren’t too soppy, keepers of useful animals.

  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what do you hope to accomplish?

A reasonably comprehensive record of some of the things we’ve done, achieved, or learned not to do again; perhaps something that will make me smile when I read it and remember those things or what I thought about them at the time. And perhaps to have been helpful to others along the way. Gosh this sounds like an epitaph.





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