Who do I write for?

Um, eh heh, hum. I feel a bit of a humbug even saying I write at all (I certainly don’t seem to do it very often although when I do, I surely make up for it with the word count). This is the next stage in the WordPress blogging fundamentals wossname…not really a course, challenge is probably pushing it a bit. The WordPress thingymabob then.

Day Four: Identify Your Audience

(Audience? This is getting worse.)

We often create posts hoping that a specific person (or persons) will see our work. Who’s your ideal reader?

Today, publish a post you’d like your ideal reader to see, and include a new-to-you element.


That above is my “new-to-me” element…an image embedded from Instagram. I don’t know how I feel about Instagram, with all the showing off (see above) and evil corporation thing. But then this is The Internet and we’re probably all elements in an experimental computer programme run by white mice and green bug-eyed monsters so it’s probably simpler just to enjoy the pretty bits of it, eat the tomatoes and stroke the dog. Looking at the above I think I’d rather embed my own images in future, but I’m trying this in good faith. Clever little widget though, to be fair.

As for “my ideal reader” and a post I’d like my ideal reader to see…well, let’s ‘ave a go.

We’ve not done terribly well with tomatoes this year and I am wondering if it’s just us. This year seems to have been colder, windier, and possibly wetter – certainly more inconsistent. However eventually the tomatoes have started to crop – some shop bought plants again and some grown from seed. Part of today’s dinner is pictured above: I’m particularly pleased with the Black Cherry and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an interesting, sweet but rich, and fairly productive cherry tomato. This year’s crop has also reminded us that Gardener’s Delight has something going for it. Roma, Marmande and Moneymaker from the supermarket are all somewhat indifferent as were old Salt Spring Sunrise seeds and the last of my Brooks’ Special.

I suppose if my ideal reader were to read this, I hope they’d find something useful, reassuring, or curious (tips on varieties, that we had rubbish weather too, or that we had rubbish weather while they bathe in the vats of excess tomatoes they have during this season to beat all tomato seasons). And I’d like to hear their experiences too so I suppose the next thing is to add “tomato” to my WordPress reader tags and try to discover some more interesting and encouraging gardening blogs.

That’s all folks, it’s a poor mishmash of a post (perhaps more of a gazpacho) but I’ve done it so WordPress won’t take away my keyboard licence.




7 thoughts on “Who do I write for?

  1. simoneharch says:

    Hello Esculent et cetera! Thank you for having a little look at my site. I’ve enjoyed having a look through some of your posts – with bee keeping (well, almost for me!), growing and making we have quite a bit in common! Although you are a MUCH more advanced grower than I….. I dream of doing what you are!!! Was quite thrilled with the 20 tomatoes I have harvested so far this year – and that’s a single variety! I need to work harder! Simone

    • Esculent Etc says:

      Thanks for visiting back – as you can see I’ve been following the WordPress fundamentals course to get back in to blogging and came across yours through the tags on the reader. Your pics and layouts were absolutely beautiful and I look forward to reading more. Don’t be misled by some of my posts here, we’ve not got a great harvest here ourselves, plenty of split fruit, mould, snails and other nasties which weren’t so photogenic (except snails. I quite like snails).

      • simoneharch says:

        Haha. I enjoyed reading the questions that the WordPress team set up – lots in there that I’ve not thought of myself, so I’ve learned nicely through your blog! Thanks for the lovely comment on my pictures, it’s a new love!!

  2. gz says:

    is there an ideal reader? Perhaps the ideal is “meeting” a wide range of people and having discussions of all sorts….so write what you want!

    • Esculent Etc says:

      That’s what I thought, and why it felt a bit odd as a challenge. I think if you only want to meet your ideal (if you have one) you’ll probably be disappointed and you certainly won’t learn a lot! I suppose the challenge is more relevant if you have a particular aim (such as a business or audience) for your blog – as you say I just want to connect with and learn from interesting and hopefully pleasant people! Thanks for visiting, I will look forward to returning the favour!

  3. Emma Cooper says:

    I don’t tend to grow tomatoes, so I guess I’m not the ideal reader for this post 😉 I did have 3 plants this year, though. I was tempted because they were unusual varieties. But I find them quite tiresome plants in pots, always needing watering or something. So I won’t be bothering with them again next year. Except, you know, never say never…. 🙂

    • Esculent Etc says:

      I’m certain you’re an ideal reader for any post and I find your productivity and knowledge almost overwhelming! Tomatoes are a pain in small pots or bags – I think our best successes are large (15 litre, I think) pots either on the greenhouse floor or in a large saucer to allow for proper soaking. But in the ground is certainly easier if you have the space. I’d like to try an idea for an “awning” I read about years ago, which keeps much of the rain and wind off tomato plants, funnels the water to their bases, and keeps them warmer while sparing your greenhouse space. Would need to be carefully situated to avoid turning it in to a giant sail though!

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