More blogging fundamentals…

Day Five – explore some themes

I started that thinking why would I bother…but I’ve never really liked the grey on black banner on the old theme I was using and I thought well, if I can find something with a bit of green in the custom colours (that I don’t have to pay for..) then I might give it a go. I rather like the clean look of this one for now, and although I could do without the titles in caps, it makes a change.

Day Six – Make an Irresistible “About” Page

Well I think that’s setting the bar too high, but I’ve tried to shorten it, take out some (not all) of the gibberish, and split it up in to sections. Tadaaa: – I also added a gallery widget with some of my favourite photos from the blog, which I think makes it a bit prettier and certainly cheers me up every time I look at it.

Day Seven – Start Personalizing Your Site

Too bored of fiddling with images for another site at the moment, so this is a stopgap and will suffice for now. I’d like to do something similar to my old one with apples, peas and nuts, but it needs to have a wide area of light background if I want to keep a blog title on there (which I may or may not do).

Day Eight: Introduce Yourself to the Neighbors!

This one seems a bit mercenary, leaving comments to entice people to visit your blog. I think I’ll continue commenting when I have something to ask or praise on a blog. One thing I’d like would be for it to be easier to keep track when you post comments on other blogs, as sometimes you don’t get a reply for ages afterwards and then it’s easy to forget and miss a response.  Must remember to click “email me” where there’s an option.

Day Nine: Get Inspired by the Neighbors

This is a good idea, and lots of good posts seem to come directly from another, or from reading a range of posts on a certain topic. But I’m still not playing on this one because I think it feels odd to piggyback off someone else’s work just to complete a challenge for myself. So, no thanks WordPress!

Day Ten – aha…Build a Better Blogroll

Finally another one I can actually do. My blogroll (which is a horrific word) has barely changed in years. A couple of the bloggers had stopped posting, a couple had changed their names / URLs and I think a couple were no longer my cup of tea (some of those I’d removed before). In addition I’ve started to read different blogs which I’d like to add. I’ve started by checking the links, adding descriptions, and adding in one more blog for now. Now that I can look at it again I can start updating it over time.

Screenshot of Esculent Etc blog

Screenshot on 26 September 2016, with new header, gallery, colours etc. How long will it last, and how long will it take before I abandon it again? Tune in next week folks.


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