Yet more blogging fundamentals, don’t worry, we’re nearly there…

Day Eleven: Make a Prompt Personal 

Well, I’ve looked through a few of these and very few of them speak to me, and those that do are mostly too obvious, so I’m going to ignore this one. Combined with some of the other ideas of taking an inspiration from somewhere else (another blogger, newspaper etc) sounds like something to note down for future ideas when I’ve not been doing much that’s worth talking about.

Day Twelve: Make Some New Connections

This involves following up on your prompt-prompted post from Day 11, so I’m not playing this game either.

Day Thirteen: Build Your Brand

Um, I’m not Tesco. Yet. However I quite like the idea of a little icon and I didn’t know you could do this with so I’ve had a go. Haven’t done it properly but at least I know where the settings for it are.

Day Fourteen: Create Your Own Feature

This is something I’d like to try – I did have a go before and even still have the Google alerts coming through for it, on news stories about vegetables. A story about growers, professional or amateur, is always bound to catch my eye. Some of them are astonishing, some have a point or two of interest, and some really just are a waste of molecules of whatever the paint is that makes the letters on your keyboard. I’d considered doing that again. Alternatively I’d rather like to go through my (fairly extensive) bookshelves and try to review some of the relevant books I have. This might be useful for someone somewhere someday, and it could be good for me to consider which of the books I have are useful, reread some I’ve not touched for years, help me choose new books more effectively in future, and (this is very unlikely by the way) even choose some to pass on that I don’t want any more. (Books are like gold. Keep them. Stroke them, like beans! We didn’t have a lot of books when I was growing up, not sure why, and I think my need to squirrel them away and add more to them when possible is probably something a psychologist could do a lot with).

I’m really tempted to do both – book reviews and round ups – but knowing my inability to stick to a oooh I think that butterfly chrysalis has gone from the eaves outside the window surely it can’t have hatched I wonder if something’s eaten it or if was parasitised after all might just go and take a look…





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