About Esculent Etc


Esculent et cetera focuses mainly on edible plants and my successes and failures in growing and eating them. I reserve the right to veer wildly off topic.

I’m also interested in baking, preserving, and practical crafts like knitting and sewing clothes and furnishings. I have never knitted cupcakes and have no interest in knitting cupcakes.

I enjoy experimenting with exotic plants, seed-saving and learning about heritage fruits and vegetables and perennial food plants. To give you an idea some of my favourite gardening books are Growing Unusual Vegetables, Plants for a Future, The Pip Book, Back Garden Seed Saving.


As of 2016 we’re living with a neglected garden, surrounded by neglected fields and woodland (and a house that’s neglected too but that’s not so much fun).  We’re learning to grow with a new climate (damp and windy West Country near the sea) and soil (slightly acidic, well-drained).


My lovely assistant and I, plus we hope to get more livestock in future; at the moment we have a dog who likes to help with digging and harvesting fruit, and possibly bees. Why possibly? Surely I could check? Well, we went on a course and then obtained some bees in a small box, which have rapidly become three larger boxes, but the behaviour of the bees has been such that we’re not counting our chickens, so to speak.

People say sheep have a death wish but I think this particular batch of bees has not only not read the same books as us but has popped down to the library for a couple of Russian novels and a Sylvia Plath anthology.


We don’t use pesticides, we do use some fertilisers, I’m in a running discussion with Someone about peat. I used to be vegetarian and for all practical purposes I still am (let’s not talk about the cheese though) so plant foods are significant in our diet.

I welcome comments, support and advice and to the extent of my limited ability am happy to do the same for others so please don’t hesitate to comment or ask if I can help.